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I really didn't mean to anger you, but I was stating that I was avoiding causing grief even though I was following Ice, but I don't think the logic linking me to the offense is very fair.
Your saying because Ice(A) is causing a problem(C) then because I(B) am with him I'm also helping the problem, but even if I wasn't with him the problem would still happen (discounting that I was going to the top, I would not have even acknowledged the fight) and since A=C, A+B can't=C. (In the midst of precalc work, sorry if the math is a bit out of the blue.)

I understand that I sounded disrespectful to you, but I do not wish to be involved in this whole mess (which is why my character is at the top of the mountain, and the other is not near it.) I mean half the reason I don't want to get involved is because I post so fast.
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