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Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post
Name: CourageHound
Partner: Krush the Muk
Reasons for joining: I just wanna say I love the poison type! As far as battling I've always like that "suprise factor" trait that most of them have, or otherwise just being good at what they do best. My favorite thing about the poison type is the quirks and variety givin to them based on their descriptions, designs, and most of their anime depictions (personalities, roles, etc.) that give them their own layer of depth, occasional and humor. Examples: Ash's Muk <3, Brock's Croagunk, Gengar line trio at the tower of terror, Ash's bulbasaur (as well as others I mention by name).

Answering the topic question:

Well if i were a poison specialist for the Elite Four my team would be something like this:


Most of my favorite poison types in a bunch. Muk would be my MVP just cause hes awesome like that.
Hello, welcome to the club! :D I'm glad to see someone else that loves Poison types, people aren't being passionate enough about them these days! D: And I fully agree with what you said about their "surprise factor" traits, that's the main reason I love using them too <3 So what made you choose Muk as your partner? It's one of my all-time favourite Pokémon so good choice! Hope you have fun here :D I'm curious about your Poison specialist team though, care to explain why you chose those Pokémon? c:

Originally Posted by Ralaia View Post
Name: Ralaia
Partner Pokemon: Katie the Grimer
Answer the current topic!

Reason: They are my top six posion picks and would make an epic team :D
Hi dude, welcome to the club! Grimer is my all-time favourite Poison Pokémon so great choice there, very pleased with that :D What made you choose it over the other Poison types? And how come you like Poison type Pokémon enough to join a fan club about them? c: Also your team that you chose is very interesting but I'd love to hear why you chose them - especially Nidoqueen! Want to explain? :D

Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
The Nidoking/queen duo always work well together so I had to include them.
They do? I had no idea about that, how come? I can't really think of any way they complement each other bar being very closely related with their species xD Although that is a pretty cool reason to use them anyway! I just can't see them being that useful on a team, especially an Elite Four team or something xD They just don't really have the move sets or stats to back them up against most enemies :(

Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
Vileplume cos it's my fave Gen I Poison Pokemon.
Oo interesting, how come? :D Vileplume has always been a favourite of mine too, it's such an interesting Pokémon and really fun to use. It's just a shame that it's stats aren't a little better or it'd be such a fun Pokémon in a competitive team, it's move pool is very devious and tricky!

If anyone wants to start a new topic feel free, but remember the idea is to discuss each other's choices, not just list your own xD