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    Okay… since the plot bunny thread is “dead”, I’m under the impression someone will tell me off since it’s been a month, so I’ll put it here and hope I don’t get hammered for it.

    I’m mulling over several plots for what I should work on. All of them different – although all of them rather dark. They span from mystery dungeon to conquest to completely original, but I like to think they’re all original, and the kind of thing that hadn’t been done yet. I’m just so unsure which one I should do…

    Doom and Desire.
    The Protagonist named “Ark” is a ranger. Not a Pokémon ranger – he’s an unofficial caregiver for Pokémon who live in a wildlife preserve – which he lives next to . Two weeks before the story, he nearly died – but was brought to life with a machine. Problem is – Ark is a technophobe, and fears his spirit has died, even though his body was brought back. While exploring a forest (not in the preserve), he finds a trainer attacking an Absol. Seeing as Absols cause disasters, the trainer is socially justified in his actions. But before the Absol is killed, Ark asks to capture it first. That way he can return the body when its dead, and carry it home so he can skin it and make a cloak. The trainer agrees and sells Ark (who carries no pokéballs, being afraid of them) a pokéball, which he captures the Pokémon with. The other trainer then kills the Absol. Ark brings the Absol to the Pokémon centre, and revives it.
    While the Absol is somewhat grateful, she is also stubborn. Seeing she isn’t fully healed, Ark keeps her in his house overnight so she can heal – whether she likes it or not. During the night however, the Absol inadvertently casts a curse on him – using doom desire (I know that’s inaccurate, but it’s fiction). Ark has two weeks to live – then he will die. So he and a reluctant Absol set off on a journey to find the wish-granter Jirachi – the only one who can save him.

    Way of the warrior.
    Every pokéball in the world is connected to the grid. A giant network which is connected to every ball in the world via satellite uplink. This keeps track of every capture and prevents any pokéball tampering as well as allowing lost trainers to be located via GPS by pinging their pokéball. A brilliant system. Simple. Effective. Genius. Totally safe. If all goes to hell and Pokémon somehow become compromised and lose control – there’s even a failsafe. Total Recall. But it’s all safe… Until Team Plasma gains acess to that grid
    What happens when they initiate failsafe Total Recall – returning every Pokémon in the world to their pokéballs and locking them in there? What happens when only Team Plasma can unlock their pokéballs? When only they have any Pokémon power? Someone has to fight back – and those someones are the Pokémon rangers. But their capture stylers can’t control Pokémon as effectively as a trainer with a pokéball. Fortunately for them – there is another way. Long before the time of pokéballs, the secret rested… In Ransei. The way of the warrior. The ability to link with Pokémon. It’s the only way to stop Team Plasma, and Celebi’s going to show the rangers how to learn this ability.
    Rangers travel back through time to learn to link with Pokémon, while all the while their friends form a resistance against team plasma – trying to combat their movements with wild Pokémon being controlled. The rangers (and former-team-plasma-leader N, whom has defected) in the past must learn to link with Pokémon, gather a team (or a small army), find Dialga and then return to their own time to fight back team Plasma.

    Three years ago, the war between Johto and Kanto came to an end. But not before sixteen Johto soldiers entered celebi’s sacred temple – which also happened to contain sixteen Johto soldiers in hiding. Celebi saw this opportunity as a way to settle his conflict with his rival – mew, and called him. Together, they captured and erased the memories of all the humans in the temple. The humans were reverted to young ages (thirteen or so) by celebi, and given extraordinary powers by mew.
    Three years later, three orphan children are brought together by fate, and by their mysterious necklaces – each adorned with an onyx chess piece. They soon find themselves caught in their own private war with the white team from Johto – and are forced to wage the final conflict between mew and celebi. They can run, they can hide, or they can die.

    Emile is part-Pokémon, part-human. Life as a scientific experiment is never easy – especially when all the bad guys seem to want to get their hands on you. So what do you do? You fight… seems easy, right? Wrong… because wherever there’s a hybrid human with awesome Pokémon power, there’s someone like Emile. A hybrid Pokémon with miserable HUMAN powers… oh joy…
    This is because the “pokémorphs/hybrid” story is all too cliché. So to mess with the cliché, I turned it upside down. Emile is a Riolu who lacks any Pokémon power, growing up as an experiment and leashed to a mad scientist by his drug-dependency. He just wants to train and live – his scientist creator seems too concerned with his DNA, and Team Rocket, for god-knows-what reason – want him too.
    He’s been told he’s genetically unstable – so when he evolves, anything could happen. He could possibly gain Pokémon power. But what he doesn’t expect… it to evolve into a FEMALE Lucario…

    Pit dog.
    Grail is a human pit-dog. A warrior who fights for the amusement of Pokémon. Kidnapped at 14, his beloved Lucario was taken from him and held hostage by psychotic wild Pokémon. If he wants to keep her alive – he must fight. He must fight and win. Because if he loses a fight – his mate loses her life.
    Grail has survived for an entire year. The longest anyone has ever survived in the pit… ever. He is allowed to return home after every fight – bloody and bruised and unable to tell his parents the truth – but he is monitored. His master’s step-daughter, an Absol named Aash, and her master’s servant Hypno monitor him – alerting him when it’s time to fight, and making sure he doesn’t tell anyone about his secret life.
    The pit is more dangerous than it used to be. Grail is becoming stronger with each fight, but lately, his opponents have begun to… change. Freakishly distorted humans, itching and writhing in pain, but wielding mighty and unexpected strength. They have been mutated.
    Soon Grail’s master fears his opponents have become unacceptably strong. When he learns the source of his opponents’ strength, he implements the same procedure on Grail – transforming him into a part-Pokémon chimera.
    Grail’s part of an underground human-fighting league, fighting other captured humans in order to save himself, and his Lucario – who is used as a bargaining chip to keep him fighting. When he finally escapes them, he soon learns that his is not the only “pit” in the league. He also learns that the league will stop at nothing to kill him.

    Contras Umbra.
    Pokemon mystery dungeon story. After an exchange student dies mysteriously in his sleep, a class of schoolmates inherit mysterious orbs in accordance with his will. Nek minnit - they find themselves trapped in a world of mystery dungeon as pokemon, and are forced to fight their way to the centre of the realm against evil shadow pokemon. Next day they wake up as humans again, confused and unsure about what happened. But the next time they sleep - they're back in there...
    Pokemon mystery dungeon with a twist. The protagonists keep their memories upon entering the pokemon world, but they also return to their own world, jumping from one to the other, and having to defend BOTH from evil pokemon.

    Any suggestions, comments or anything of the like? I'd like to hear opinions - which would you rather see? Wha could be some pros and cons of above stories?
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