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    I just think it's ridiculous when other companies turn people away not for their qualifications, but for "not being a visible minority" because they need to fill that "equality quota" BS. "LOOK GUYS WE ARE AN EQUAL EMPLOYER LOL." That's discrimination in itself and I always find it to be appalling.

    And meh, Hooters. They're trying to sell sex appeal. If someone is hiring for a female strip club and a male walks in.. they're not going to sue for discrimination.. because the market is about selling the girls. If it was for a job that physically could be preformed by anyone, (like a consultant or secretary) then that's discrimination. You have to have the qualifications. Would you hire a personal stylist who didn't look after themselves? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on how they preformed at their jobs- but if you are trying to sell something, being presentable is a key thing, and for Hooters, people can be turned away just because it is not the image they are particularly looking for.
    Metaphor: Hooters girls are sort of like models.. if you are looking to photograph a female model, it is kind of dumb for the model or photographer to go for a lawsuit over the fact that a guy wants his pic taken instead.
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