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    Hey RNC are you available to trade now? I have pokemon I would like you to rare candy.

    Quilava Lv.26 -> Typhlosion Lv.36
    Moveset: Sunny Day (Could you teach it this move in place of Tackle)/ Defense Curl/ Lava Plume (Will learn at level 35)/ Flamethrower

    Comusken -> Blaziken (Lv.36)
    Moveset: Ember / Double Kick / Bulk Up ( Could you teach this move in place of Rock Tomb) / Blaze Kick (Will learn at Lv. 36)

    It may be an odd request, but could you level them up to the said levels (36) and then return them to me. I will then clone them and give them to you once more and then could you level them up to 100 with a little different moveset?
    I love battling (though i'm no good) and Shiny hunting.

    File Trade: Yes!
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