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    Originally Posted by FreakyLocz14 View Post
    In my restaurant example, I would want my waiting staff to be visibly of the same ethnicity of the food. That doesn't mean that other jobs aren't available for others.

    Let's move on to another issue. Let's say that I run a business that prides itself on its Christian image, and it sells religious merchandise, but is not a church. Should I be able to refuse employment to LGBT applicants?
    Sexual orientation is confidential in any interview or job position. You have the right to refuse stating that. If you want to state it, yes you may jepordize your personal appeal because they may question your passion to the Christian community or how other Christians may view you, etc, and may turn you away based on that rather than based on a personal vendetta, but IMO it's pretty unlikely. But no. If you are qualified then no, they technically shouldn't refuse you employment.. but an employer can usually fire you or not hire you based on no criteria within a certain timeframe (1-3 months.) They legally don't even need to give a reason even if their discrimination was the case.
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