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    Name: Alik Rizz
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Alik is roughly 5'7, weighs about 120 pounds, and has long, neon yellow hair that is strangely bright and spikes up naturally. His eyes are deep green and they look very strange with his neon yellow hair. His eyes are also strangely yellow, much like a lemon. His face is mature looking and he appears to be at least 17. He has a hooked nose. He usually wears a bright yellow, long sleeved shirt with a large A imprinted on the front of it. Rizz keeps its sleeves rolled up. He also wears dark blue jeans and a necklace depicting a mountain. He has a scar across his face that will be explained in the backstory. Alik is generally muscular, but he isn't massive. Although he isn't ugly, he isn't very handsome. He has a small bit of stubble where a beard is starting to grow, and he has a little bit of a moustache as well. This makes him, again, look older than he really is.

    Personality: Alik is a pretty nice guy. He's very bold when talking to people. He doesn't flat out insult people, but he definitely doesn't let them say whatever they want without surpressing them. Alik is a bit of a flirt when he's talking to girls and he's actually GOOD at it. His not ugliness helps with that a lot as well. He is generally nice to guys as well. He is really quiet around people he doesn't know, but he's loud and witty around his known group of friends. The youth tends to freak out when the situation doesn't look very good, but he is fearless otherwise. He's always the first into a fight and the last to back out.

    He's pretty level headed, but sometimes his ego will get the best of him. He's a very, very good liar. Alik has lied many times in the past over things that could get anybody in trouble. He isn't really a delinquet, but he has pulled a couple mischevious pranks in the past. They weren't anything like whoopee cushions. They were almost dangerous. After he did them, however, he never pulled a prank again. The most noticable factor of Alik is the atmosphere around him. His friendliness is almost palpable, electric. He has a strong fear of wide open spaces and a lesser one of water type pokemon.

    Backstory: Alik grew up in Olivine Town with his father. His mother died before he turned 4. He had a cousin who grew up in Azalea Town named Malik. Malik Grizz. Malik was an epic dude, but he disappeared into the Illex Forest after the disaster. Alik was a popular guy growing up in Olivine. He was friendly, nice, and everyone knew his name. Everyday as he would walk to school, people would call out his name in greeting and he would call their name back. He took an interest in his father's work at a young age. Kent Rizz was an expert electrician, one of the best in Johto. Alik took to spending most of his day with his father learning all the tricks and facts that made a good electrician. He started by fixing the local kids' electric toys. Eventually he started working in buildings like the Pokemon Center and the nearby gym with his father.

    Alik was with his dad in the Olivine Gym's basement. The two of them were fixing the power grid. His father told him to hold the fort while he went to go get a bite to eat. It had been a while and Alik's father hadn't returned, so he decided to walk outside to see what was going on. IT happened. All hell broke lose when he did. A tsunami was heading towards the coast and earthquakes were creating fissures everywhere. He began to run around the city looking for his father and finally found him. He found his father pinned beneath a fallen lamp post. Alik began to pull him out, but his father stopped him. "Son, don't worry about me. Go. Run. Don't stop. You'll know it's safe to come back when the sun is shining brightly." Alik didn't know what he meant, but he obeyed his father as usual. He just took off running, refusing to stop. He collapsed near the location of Ecruteak City and passed out.

    Starter Pokémon: Mareep