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Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
While that is true, my earlier statement still stands. Christianity is not a religion that preaches hatred and discrimination. Actually, now that I think about it, The Old Testament, if interpreted to, speaks hatred against gays but then the New Testament retcons that to love each other, no matter our diffriences. (Christianity follows, mainly, The New Testament though, so I am applying NT values to this.)

Unrelated, but he Old Testament says that No one has seen, or will ever see, the face of God. The New Testament retcons that too, can't remember the specific book, but one of the apostles said I have seen the face of God. Frankly, I don't see how anyone can follow a religion based on a book that contradicts itself so much, and on (what are, supposed to be) many important points.
Many Christian denominations actually hold that Christians are bound by both the Old and New Testaments, but the New Testament trumps the Old in the case of a conflict.

Regarding Jewish dietary laws, which are common examples that are used to criticize this view, the apostle Paul had a divine vision in which he was very hungry, and he was presented with all kinds of food that was against Jewish dietary laws. God told him to eat, but he replied that he will not eat that, because of the prohibition against it. God responded, "Do not call that which I have created unclean". Christians interpret this as meaning that Christians are not bound by Jewish dietary laws.

Regarding on whether people can see God, the New Testament changes that. Before Jesus' sacrifice, people were separated from God by sin. No one was allowed within the holiest area of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, with the exception that the High Priest was to enter one a year to make a sacrifice, and even he was to take precautions to not see God. Jesus' death on the cross literally bridged the gap between people and God, so that people could have personal relationships with God, through Christ Our Lord.

That's a bit off-topic, but I thought that I should explain the contradictions.
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