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Wow, weird thread to come across. Stayed up until 3am last night with my roommates pronouncing different words we found on Wikipedia accent comparison lists. :P My one roommate is from the Southern US so we were comparing his accent to my other roommate's and my Canadian accents and it turns out even us two Canadians have different accents. I grew up all over Canada so I pronounce things with flairs from central Canada and eastern Canada especially, but my basis is probably what you'd find in central/southern Ontario. I also tend to pronounce almost every sound in a word assuming it's not meant to be fully silent and that is more a Canadian thing. (For example, we'll pronounce "tomorrow" as "to-morrow" instead of "t'morrow"... no letter left behind! :P)

I think the only words I pronounced quite differently from my other Canadian roommate were Toronto, lava, basil, syrup, dew, pecan, advertisement and... those are the only ones I remember, really.
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