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Didn't "complete" it (that word is reserved for 100% runs) but I did play through all of Ib last night. It's a neat (free!) little RPG Maker game that's great for this time of year. I saw a friend do a bit of an LP of it and I had to stop watching after the first episode because I already knew I had to play it and didn't want to be spoilt. Took a few weeks before I had time to sit down and play any games but I did last night.

It's a bit of an atmospheric, creepy adventure game. It's not long at all so it doesn't take a huge commitment but it's charming and there are a lot of different endings. I was pretty creeped out at first because I'm a wuss but it got really enjoyable by the end as I got less tense. I definitely recommend it to anyone who's looking for something short to set the mood for Hallowe'en!

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