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(Gonna reuse a character and try to build a future scenario for him. Sorry it took so long.)

Name: Mark Wilson

Gender: Male

Age: 17


(Couldn't really match his hair style with the character creator. His older self's hairstyle is basicly the same. You can use both pictures for reference but the picture on the left will be the clothing he will be wearing for this RP. Couldn't scale the picture to be smaller. Sorry!)

Personality: Mark is cheerful, determined, and like most young trainers, determined to become the champion of the Pokemon League. He's very good at keeping calm during intense situations and is mostly chilled out and relaxed. Still, even with all of that, he has a tendency to become easily stressed when overwhelmed with several things at once. Whenever he has a set goal such as developing a strategy with his Pokemon, he'll also tend to become obsessed with fulfilling his goal until it is achieved. He has a very big sense of justice and always tries to help others when he can.

Due to past events in his life, Mark has developed a very large phobia to large bodies of water, something Mark has always wanted overcome but never could since nearly drowning from a wild Frillish when he was 14.


Snype (Sableye)
Ability: Keen Eye
Moves: Detect, Foul Play, Shadow Sneak, Taunt
Item: Black Glasses

Len (Poliwraith)
Ability: Water Absorb
Moves: Belly Drum, Rest, Brick Break, Waterfall
Item: Lum Berry (Mark makes sure to pack himself with a supply of them)

Commodore (Porygon-Z)
Ability: Adaptability
Moves: Tri Attack, Substitute, Nasty Plot, Ice Beam

Able (Ninjask)
Ability: Speed Boost
Moves: Baton Pass, Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Substitute

Kara (Gliscor)
Ability: Poison Heal
Moves: Toxic, Earthquake, Cross Poison, Ice Fang

Summary of how Mark prepared: Mark was very early on his first journey around the Kanto region before receiving an anonymous letter about a tournament held on a remote island. He didn't find anything about a remote island suspicious at the time, considering his academy was on an island as well so he accepted the challenge and headed for Vermilion city to get onto the ship. He brought along five Pokemon on his team, saving space to possibly catch and train a new Pokemon while he was at the island.

Other Useful information: Mark was trained in an Academy when he was around the age of 14. Spending all of his time there learning of Pokemon, he has a very good understanding of battling and various battle strategies. He has yet to be perfect and he never considers his team complete as he always aims to change them up to take on anything that he might encounter.

Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
Snype (Sableye)- Lv. 52- Detect, Shadow Sneak, Will-o-wisp, Low Sweep, Foul Play, Taunt (Ability: Keen Eye)
Commodore (Porygon-Z)- Lv. 55 -Signal beam, Conversion 2, Recover, Tri Attack, Ice Beam, Trick Room (Ability: Trace)
Len (Poliwraith)- Lv. 53- Bubblebeam, Brick Break, Body Slam, Belly Drum, Sleep Talk, Rest (Ability: Water Absorb)
Able (Ninjask)- Lv. 46 - X-Scissor, Slash, Double Team, Protect, Baton Pass, Swords Dance (Ability: Speed Boost)
Kara (Gligar) Lv. 35 Acrobatics, Substitute, Fury Cutter, Knock Off, Slash,Toxic (Ability: Poison Heal)
Xerox (Ditto) Lv. 35 Transform (Ability: Imposter)

(In Box)
Shedinja- Lv. 35 Fury Swipes, Confuse Ray, Sand attack, Leech Life, Mind Reader, Scratch (Ability: Wonder Guard)
Omanyte- Lv. 35 Brine, Mud Shot, Rollout, Ice Beam, Protect, Bite
(Ability: Swift Swim)