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Wow, did so many people get a panpour? XD

I had a pansage the first time I went through my white version and I like it... Sort of. It's stats were HORRIBLE but I usually got a critical hit with vine whip so I kept it for most of the game, only changing out when I got a Deerling at Dragonspiral Tower (which is weird because I didn't see any other deerling in the game o.o)

As for my Black version, I received a pansear, which I have it's evolved form on my Tres Team, along with Carracosta, Swoobat, Whimsicott, Beartic and Bisharp. As you can tell it isn't the greatest of teams (and simisear is easily the weakest of them all) but I've actually been able to win with this team (I mainly use Simisear for Yawn or Fire Blast (which has, oddly, never missed).

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