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Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
Hello there, fellow hackers I am Pinkish Purple and I specialize in spriting. This tutorial is made for PokemonMasters so that he could learn how to insert Overworlds. Let's begin, shall we?

Tools Needed
NSE Download:

16 Coloured PNG Image of sprite (Make sure background is BLACK.)

First, open up NSE and load the rom.

Next, press File -> Import -> Import Image and open up the sprite that you wanna load.

Then, press the drop-down and click on 'All' and Save the Image.

Finally, press File -> Save.

And voila, you're done!

Mikachu- For bringing me into the world of Spriting <3

PokemonMasters- For letting me be his Spriter on Pokemon Blue Flames and being an awesome friend :D

link12552- For NSE, such an amazing program
That's a nice one, Nigel, but since the screenshots were removed, I cannot figure it out how to navigate OWs.
How much is that Mewtwo in the window?
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