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Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
Criticism: As DRG said, that Marnian house is being used a lot. With reference to the name, I don't see anything in the storyline that has to do with 'Illusion'. I was expecting something at least like Zoroark being controlled and making illusions so that people will leave a place and Team Jazz can take over it or something. And the indoors are quite plain. That's all ^~^

The fact that you have said you are including 4th and 5th gen Pokemon is a big plus, because I personally like hacks that have new Pokemon for me to discover. The Pre-battle mugshots are also a good idea but I'd advice you use it only on important battles like Rival/Team Jazz/ Elite 4 battles. Running shoes in buildings is also something that I greatly support.

Good luck on your hack! I'd definitely be playing when there is a release! And please take my criticisms into consideration. New hacks get those very often but that is what make that good hacks after the creators have learned!
Yes, with all of you saying about that house I might plan on changing it... xD

Also Zoroark is my mascot for the game and I don't want anyone to be spoiled. Zoroark is like a Legendary in the Game Team Jazz is planning to control Zoroark to make Illusions so they can capture the Legendaries for evil purposes. Plus I get the title because Zoroark is my favorite Pokemon...