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Warning: May possibly contain B2W2 spoilers.

If you cycle past the Battle Subway on both B/W and B2W2 you'll notice some lag appears there on both games, implying that they most likely were made at or around the same time. If you also notice, some of the dialogue is shared between both games and it gets me wondering about something. With all the new features and enhancements B2W2 has (PWT - the argument for "Cold Storage" means it could've easily been in another location, Move Tutors, Join Avenue, moving grass in battles, moving an item, and so on), why didn't B/W get any of that? None of the extra features/connectivity things would've made B2W2 any less great if they didn't have them, so why didn't B/W get those features, making B2W2 more "sequels" rather than an expanded third game? Based on story alone and without the extra features that enhanced the games, the two would be more equal and B/W wouldn't be left as the less superior one due to having nothing really to go on. I'm sure certain features weren't developed in a year and a half, so really, they could've put them in B/W too. Discuss your thoughts on this.

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