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For my first playthrough of Pokemon Black 2 I decided I will do challenges.

Most of the time people go through the game and get the OP/over-used pokemon.
I, however, am going through the game with the non-used ( still useful ) pokemon.
I am still up for more challenges, if you have one ask away and comment.

I sometimes stream ( ),
but all my videos will be uploaded to my Youtube channel- ..
it has its own playlist so it's organized.

Challenges so far:
  • Use "sucky" Pokemon { Soon to be team so far, may do changes }
    - Dunsparce, Psyduck, Sunkern/Sunflora, OPEN SPOTS.
  • Battle ALL trainers
  • Don't evolve Psyduck

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:
Let's Play: Pokemon Black 2 Challenge
Episodes below vvvv