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There was a team change while I was playing!
-got treeko named privet, lot ad named reed and shroomish named mush
- mush actually soloed Roxanne with no training between the woods and the gym.
- did stuff with team aqua, beat brawly and delivered a letter, privet & reed evolved
- went to slateport, dealt with team aqua again, caught oddish called Beetroot
- did lots of grinding for may, and Watson, evolved mush, so Watson was easy
- got to fallarbour, Beetroot evolved, taught privet dig and used that to beat Flannery after beating up team aqua... Again
- did more grinding for Norman, love the speed up button on emulators, caught cacnea called cacti
- finished grinding and beat Norman
- caught Tropius named banana
- saved at the weather institute.


Privet, Sceptile- lv 36, moves: leaf blade, dig, screech, quick attack
Reed, Lombre- lv 34, moves: nature power, surf, ice beam, absorb
Mush, Brellom- lv 34, moves: mega drain, leech seed, Mach punch, headbutt
Beetroot, Gloom- lv 34 moves: sleep powder, sweet scent, acid, absorb
Cacti, Cacturn- lv 34, moves: Faint attack, pin missile, ingrain, spikes
Banana, Tropius- lv 34, moves: magical leaf, sweet scent, stomp, razor leaf
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