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    Sorry it took me so long, I had some trouble with a virus and needed to setup windows anew. BUT I managed to save most my data, so here you go:
    (The colorful stuff in the background is a placeholder for card images)

    Oookay, explanation time - in the top-left we have #1, top-right is #2, center-left is #3 and so on:
    #1 - Pokémon Card summary page 1: pretty self-explanatory, right? The red stuff would only be visible during battle, since it is unneeded, even unchanged information during deck construction etc.
    #2 - Pokémon Card summary page 2:the idea is, that you scroll through moves and PokéBody / PokéPower and press A (if we were using a GBA, idk what the corresponding keyboard key for RMXP is) to jump to something similar to screen #4, only that the top-bar would still contain the HP value and element symbol. The dark line between the PokéBody and the moves would not always be placed under the first entry, but under the last PokéBody / -Power.
    #3 - Trainer Card summary page 1: the card image and the cardname. Shouldn't be hard to implement, right?
    #5 (yup, I skipped #4, you'll see why) - Energy Card summary page 1: the only page for basic energies, since they don't need much information
    #4 - Trainer / Special Energy Card summary page 2: you've guessed it by now, right? The card's effect is shown. Yay!

    Very well, that's pretty much it. I'll put a *.zip-file in the attachements, containing the *.pdn-files, the preview and the finished *.png-files.

    Since I don't seem to be able shut my mouth any longer, I'll comment on my own post, concerning the suggested code: Even though you could use events for the moves (like 'Move1Used.Invoke();' 'Move2Used.Invoke();' and 'PokePowerUsed.Invoke();') I'd recommend using OOP instead, since then you could just say Pokemon.Moves[0..3].Use(), assuming there was a pokemon with, like, 2 PokePowers and 2 moves. PokeBodies don't need to be counted, since they aren't manually activated, if I remember correctly. Then, you'd have to use lots of objects, of course.
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