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Originally Posted by jerichob10 View Post
I would like to see more clubs revolving around gamessuch as PMD, and all of the old games, i dont seem to see many of those clubs these days.
Thing is, we don't allow video game based clubs (mainly the main series games) since there are already forums on the site to discuss everything that'd come up there and they'd effectively be mini replicas of those sections. As for games like PMD though that's slightly different... Me and Olli are okay with a club being made around the PMD universe (so that includes all aspects of the PMD sector of the franchise, including the anime, characters, etc), but as for a club based on the PMD games themselves, that'd probably be better off in the Spinoff Games section as a discussion thread. It'd be a similar case for a Ranger club, although arguably there is less of a franchise in the Ranger games outside of the actual video games than there is for the PMD series so it'd be harder to justify those clubs existing here, but yeah, does that sound fair to you? If not then we'd be happy to look into this rule a bit more, but at present that's where we stand on the whole video game clubs issue. It would be very cool to have them, but they're just not really appropriate as we have whole forums dedicated to those topics already which they'd just be shadowing :3