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Originally Posted by Element0 View Post
And the idea of having a loyal companion that can torch, cut, bite, shock, punch, kick, and all sorts of other things is pretty cool. It's a concept that works pretty well.
In my mind, this is the reason there's so many. People love having pets and having such a loyal and friendly design for a Pokémon makes it seem like the perfect companion that everyone will want to use (see Growlithe/Arcanine). Also since the market for Pokémon is primarily for kids/teenagers (very disputable I know, but this isn't the place for that and I'm talking generally!), it makes sense to have Pokémon which mimic their pets and help them relate the franchise to what they love and what they care about in real life since they'll start caring for the Pokémon in the same way. Plus they're just really easy basic concepts to base a Pokémon on anyway since you could add so much to a basic cat/dog and there's so many different breeds, so you can get a lot of diverse Pokémon coming from them.