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I'm becoming a temporary member with Ashist's permission for this post :D

Originally Posted by nickstr View Post
I can't see that happening sadly, even though she is in the tournament in the video games but I think it would most likely have something to do with said tournament.
This is true, but that wasn't the question! How do you think she could come back in BW2, if she was to come back? :D Personally I reckon she'd be really cool as Marlon's assistant, or maybe even as a team battle gym leader in his gym. She'll definitely be strong enough by now, so she'd be a strong gym leader to fight against and I think her team would complement Marlon's very well :D What do you guys think?

Originally Posted by foxyvulpixie View Post
Name: foxyvulpixie
Why Do you want to join: Because Misty is my favorite girl Pokemon character and she's bombin' I love how independent and caring she is and she owns some awesome Water Pokemon <333
What your favorite pokemon of Misty's: Psyduck!!!
Ahhh Psyduck is awesome! How come he's your favourite though? I'd love to know :D Psyduck's personality is hilarious to watch and the short moments of insane power are very promising when they occasionally do happen, although I can't help but be slightly irritated by how useless and in the way he is throughout most of the episodes >.> So why do you like him? :D

As for news of Misty in the BW2 games, as far as I know she's in the World Tournament thing with what seems to be a pretty cool team, but other than that I don't think she's featured at all D: It's a crime, she's actually pretty cool in-game! That just goes back to the previous topic though; how do you guys think she could be featured? :D