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I've learnt to take logic and throw it out the window. You can thank Mia for that one. :3

But in all honestly, I can't really recall what life lessons, or just normal lessons I've taken from the games. I mean, maybe you can adapt something like "don't be a detective unless you want to live on noodles" or something, but I can't really think of much. but right now I'm thinking of something to do with Edgeworth needing to lighten up a lot bit, maybe just stand in his office and yell "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP" like Gumshoe does or something. Not really a life lesson, but it will do. xD

But wow has no one posted in this club. Has everyone lost the inner attorney within them or something? D:

Here's a little something I've thought of with playing some of the cases camy meele april may and maybe something viable to talk about.
Do you think the series is oversexualised in any way?