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    Hm, not much is happening lately.

    On the current Topic:

    Well we can NEVER leave out a Dragon Eeveelution! The Eeveelution Family will not ever be finished without at least a Dragon Eeveelution! They should have the Base Statistics like this:

    HP: 120 (At Level 100, it's HP will be between 350 and 444)
    Attack: 60 (At Level 100, it's Attack will be between 112 and 240)
    Defense: 110 (At Level 100, it's Defense will be between 202 and 350)
    Special Attack: 110 (At Level 100, it's Special Attack will be between 202 and 350)
    Special Defense: 85 (At Level 100, it's Special Defense will be between 157 and 295)
    Speed: 40 (At Level 100, it's Speed will be between 76 and 198).

    But of course, we also need to add a good Move-Pool. Draco Meteor, Flamethrower and Solarbeam will do good, but we have to limit it to a set amount of Types. We don't want this overpowered! BTW, just because it has a very low speed doesn't make it bad.

    Now to give it a name!

    *Holds breath*


    But let's make it serious.


    A mix between "Dragon", "Scale" and "Eon"!