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Oh... wow. I feel like there are some things I need to say before I leave the discussion, but it's tough to marshal my thoughts on everything that's been said.

First... I honestly do feel bad if I've upset anyone with my comments. That wasn't my intention, but it looks as if I've managed to break one of the most important rules of the internet during this discussion ('don't be a dick'), and for that I apologise. Perhaps offence is an inevitable consequence of arguing about things like morality – but perhaps it isn’t, and I’m sure I could have conducted myself in a more controlled manner. So on that note...

Thank you Shdwj for being so gracious: ‘I do thank you for reading our posts, and I thank you for being kind enough to share you views as well.’ (I wish I had your ability to remain so calm and level-headed during this type of discussion!) Thank you droomph for answering my questions, and again, I am truly sorry if I contributed to your decision to leave. Any argument that ends with a participant removing themselves from the vicinity isn’t won by their opponent, after all. And finally, thank you Andy and FrostPheonix for your very kind words.

I’m off now. Thanks for the debate, guys – you were all awesome.

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