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On HG I managed to get all 5 stars. I didn't even realise I was receiving the stars at first until I read that you could get them, and by that time I already had 4/5. Stuff like the Battle Tower, the Pokéathlon and collecting all the Pokémon are things I do anyway, so I had completed those three (and the Elite Four star) before realising they were even goals for the trainer card. The only one I had left to get was the golden leaf star which seemed silly to me as an achievement comparable to a 100 win streak in BT or beating the league, but I did it anyway and got a nice shiny black card :3

As for Pearl, I only managed to get 4 stars. The Battle Tower, Pokédex completion and contests are all things I strive to complete anyway so once again those were all done before thinking about completing the trainer card, as well as the Elite Four star, but as for the capture the flag star I don't even know what that is lmao. I've never even heard of playing capture the flag in a Pokémon game but from what I understand it's a game you play with other players in the Underground, in which case I won't be able to collect that star since I don't have anyone to play it with. xD
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