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    Originally Posted by itman View Post
    Use NSE (the older version).
    Import the palette and the not the image.
    Go to Edit>Palette and look at the first color (top left).
    Change that to the background color and change the background color wherever that is with the color you just replaced (example, if 0000 was in the top left, and the intended background is C439, swap the two wherever they may be. So the first color would be C439 and the old C439 becomes 0000).
    Export the blank image with that palette.
    Open that up in paint.
    Post your Raichu in it.
    Then re import.

    BY THE WAY if you are using Windows 7, the new paint does NOT support indexed images. If you want to know how to put the old version of paint on your computer, ask me (since it's impossible to do any of this with Windows 7 paint).
    Thanks you ! Finally I fixed this problem, thanks.