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Originally Posted by Nineray View Post
Name: Felix "Phoenix" Chance
Well... the appearance and personality are just too short...

And the backstory... I have said this over and over again by now xD
It must make sense, how did he managed to live on his own two years? Yes he had his cousin, but what happened when his cousin wasn't there? For that matter, how did no one realize he was alone? At age 10?!

He stopped talking to Laurel after he became a criminal... I'm assuming that either Laurel is a criminal or Phoenix becme one, whatever the case, you must explain how it happened.

Also, how did Rowan knew who Phoenix is? It's not like he knows each and every trainer around, y'know? And, he wouldn't just... send a letter after surviving a catastrophe to some random teenager talking like he knew it was all going to happen...

So, yeah, you need to fix that :3
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