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Originally Posted by Kura View Post
But I don't enjoy their content. I watch foreign TV shows that I would happily pay for if it was possible to actually get a copy of their DVDs without it being a HongKong ripoff. When I go to Toronto I do buy the official J-Drama shows that I like. I plan to buy the Ruroni Kenshin movie because I saw it was getting localized so I haven't watched it yet. I buy my Dr. Who DVDs and my Digimon season DVDs.

I'm not paying for something I don't use. The last time I turned on my TV was 3 months ago when I decided to play some DDR.

I don't get what "attitude" I have other than the fact that I wont give the government 240 dollars a year for nothing.

:/ INB4 you probably download a lot of your music, too. So who are you to judge me?

I'm not doing anything illegal. The Japanese shows havent been localized so it is free to watch subs until they are officially released- then they are taken down. I didn't watch the olympics except for one Saturday that I went to a friend's house and it was on in the background. I don't torrent.

So why do you have a problem with my "attitude"?
That is a completely different situation to how you made it sound in your original post:

Originally Posted by Kura View Post
Yeah the shows are good.. but I rather keep my 12-13 pounds a month (like 20 bucks) and just watch it like a couple hours later online when it's not being aired.. ._. Easy peasy!
That bolded bit right there led me to believe that you just went on iPlayer to watch them instead, to avoid having to pay.

If you don't watch their stuff then that's absolutely fine, and I apologize.

Can see where I slipped up though?

P.S. I try not to download any music illegally. I'm a paid subscriber to Spotify so I get all my music from there.

If it's not on Spotify then I'll download it illegally and then I attempt to compensate the artist some other way.
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