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    I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII on AT&T, haha. Any extra info will be below. Switching between that and the iPhone 5 currently. iPhone 5 is my primary, while I go to my S III when I feel the need to customize. xD What really sucks is that I have to use an adapter to put the nano-sim from the iPhone into my S III (because Apple had to change the SIM card size yet again... and now, the industry standard will become the nano-sim!) The only reasons I switch are because iOS is so smooth and simple, while I can customize 'til the cows come home on Android.

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy SIII (Pebble Blue FTW!)
    Carrier: AT&T
    ROM: AOKP Jellybean!

    as for the iPhone 5...

    Carrier: AT&T
    Color: Black/Slate
    Storage: 32 GB
    No need to worry.
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