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    Originally Posted by KingKaos View Post
    Originally Posted by KingKaos
    Ok I have once again updated my backstory with better details and also changed my name to Kaiser. Any more improvements? I really do like this RP and want to join so I'm willing to keep trying till I get it.

    The backstory explained that through Kaiser learning to focus his aura into a transparent burst of energy that overcomes the will of weaker Pokemon is oversight and he learned this from his aura training with Grandfather. As for the Ursaring thing, it's possible for Kaiser to fight his grandfather's Ursaring and not suffer major life threatening injuries, because his grandfather is still taking care of him in the mountains. Of course, he got hurt in the mountains, but like I said before his grandfather was there to overlook his training to make sure he survived to be a hero no matter how hard the training was he wouldn't let his grandson die.
    And I understand, but how is it that they are both able to focus their aura like that? What's the backstory of this powers?

    I would also undersatnd that he recieved minor injuries, but then again, a ten year old kid training in the mountains against all the wild Pokemon? Even with his grandfather, it doesn't sound so believable, how could a kid stand such rigurous training in a dangerous place like that? He's young, his grandfather is old. Even with their oversight, they're not the only ones with tricks out there... This issue could be fixed if you change the age of Kaiser, or change the Ursaring with something that is not actually a killing machine, because, seriously, that's what Ursarings are!

    Also, how exactly does the oversight work? Yes, they overcome a Pokemon's will, but what happens when they do this?

    I do want a character with the hero ideals in the RP, but the backstory still makes from little to no sense to me... so yeah...

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