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Name: Patrick McCallion

Age: 14

Gender: Guy

Appearance: Height 5'10, weighs 175lbs. Patrick's hair color is a light brown colour and is not too long but not too short. His hair always looks as if he just got out of bed, and is often flicky which is the way he likes it. His eyes are a brown wooden like colour which can also appear to look completely black in some cases. Patrick has a below average, scrawny build. Patrick also has a light, tanish skin tone which often makes people assume he is foreign.

Patrick always wears his red V-Neck T-shirt, blue jeans and black vans with white lining. In most cases Patrick likes to wear his purple scarf as it seems as if he is wearing a small cape, whenever he wears this, it makes him feel like an adventurer.

Personality: Patrick is a naive kid who believes that no matter what everything will be okay. He can be very sarcastic and loves to make awful puns. Patrick has a geniune and humble way of gaining people's trust, as he was always raised to be an honest and open person. He would make friends by first compliementing their efforts, then asking how they've worked so hard at it. By nature and from his parents working at the Olivine Cafe, Patrick is a glutton and will eat anything, except vegetables and fish. Patrick will feel very hurt and angry if he finds out someone has cheated him out of something, however Patrick is usually very cheerful even in the most dangerous and dark times, he can always find that silver lining because he is so Naive.

When it comes to Pokemon, Patrick will treat his partners like his soul mates. His battle style is all for one and one for all! Meaning if his Pokemon has had a troublesome past or experienced bad things, Patrick will ensure to find a way to understand what they are going through and reassure and encourage them that everything will be okay.

Backstory: Patrick is from Olivine City. He lives there with his Mother and Father who both work at the Cafe. Patrick's father would often take Patrick to see the town's Mascot, Ampharos. The McCallion family have always been really close with Jasmine the Gym Leader, she was like a family friend. You could say Jasmine was Patrick's mentor in a way that he always asked her about her Pokemon partners and always wanted to see her battle with her Steel-Types, and due to their extremely high defenses Patrick always thought of them as invincible. For a while Jasmine had a winning streak and she seemed unbeatable with her Steelix and Magnezone. Patrick was inspired Jasmine's style. He thought by watching her battling alot, he had knowledge of how he can take down the Steel Beasts. Patrick had made a promise with Jasmine that whenever his Pokemon journey begins, he will get an unbeatable team of Pokemon with great power to defeat her. Jasmine being the Gym leader and loving person she is accepted the challenge. then challenged her to a gym battle with powerful Pokemon whenever his adventure begins! For once Patrick actually began researching more into Steel Type Pokemon, weaknesses, strengths, what moves to use against them, what not to use.

Suddenly one day a huge Thunderstorm had broke out. Harsh winds and heavy rain caused alot of damage to the shore front of Olivine City. Waves crashed over the pier and destoryed the Cafe and Patrick's house. From Patrick's knowledge, he had lost his parents in the blink of an eye. Scared, upset and confused, the young boy made his way back to the one place where he would be safe. The Lighthouse. Patrick ran to the top to find Jasmine with Ampharos attempting to shine it's light across the ocean. Jasmine spotted Patrick and rushed over to him and held him.

'Patrick! I'm going to need you to be brave! I saw the wave that hit your house. But you promised me something, and I'm going to help you keep that promise!' Jasmine reassured the disturbed boy. Jasmine sent out her Skarmory that swooped him up off to the Eastern Part of Johto, to seek a man that would make him the trainer he wants to be. 'NEVER GIVE UP! AND KEEP SMILING! BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT YOU DO BEST!' She shouted to him as he flew off.

For a few hours, Patrick and Skarmory had been flying through the harsh storm. Patrick curled up in a ball, weaping over his losses, as the metal bird notices that the sky begins to flash and releases bolts of lightening. Skarmory knew that if it got hit by one of these bolts Patrick wouldn't survive, Skarmory cried and used Agility to get to their destination faster and then Air Slash to blast through the lightening. As the land was changing and towns were getting destroyed it was hard to tell which town was which.

'SKARMORY!' shouted a strange voice, 'DOWN HERE! Your metal body will take heavy damage in the this storm!'

Skarmory and Patrick approached this man who was wearing a lab coat and had a head like a turnip. The man noticed Patrick and took him off Skarmory and inside a strange laboratory that was surrounded by a forest. Patrick and Skarmory both entered this lab and saw a whole crowd of people crammed into this confined place. The man who found them brought over another man with a top hat and a red scale hanging from his neck. Mr. Pokemon and Professor Elm both introduced themselves to Patrick and began discussing the current problems in the world at the moment. Elm told Patrick about the special trainers that the world professors have been gathering and asked Patrick if he would like to take this mission on board. Patrick thought about what Jasmine said and gave Elm a huge smile and nods.

'I'll do it!' Patrick answered confidently with a grin on his face.

Which Professor gave you your Starter Pokémon? : Professor Elm.

Which was your starter Pokémon?: Phanpy

Holy Burrito... I tweaked the backstory a little bit. And well... I hope it's alright!

And am I the only one who finds all of the Pokemon's 'Special moves' hilarious?
Role-Plays I'm in:

Patrick McCallion in Time and Space: Phanpy

Lucas McGuire in Pokemon Trainer's Academy: Aipom, Heracross, Aron

Lucas McGuire in Unova Masters: Tepig