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First off, so sorry for the lack of activity, guys! Been extremely busy with midterms and stuff. Now I got free time finally, I can ttly focus on the club! Yay! I'm also glad some of you were able to put up with my inactivity for the past two weeks. lol

I'll go ahead and start a new topic from here...we're focusing on the anime!

On the Anime, which grass-type Pokemon do you find the cutest? Toughest?

Originally Posted by Rambagos View Post
Thanks Leaf Storm. Cannot wait for see my Turtwig evolve into its final form ^w^
For showing my gratitude, here a little gift for this club ^^
Thank you for the userbar! It will go straight to the first post! :D

Originally Posted by Ravenclaw View Post
Name: Ravenclaw
Partner Pokemon: Bulbasaur and Leafeon!
Password: Leaf Storm
Topic Answer: I have no idea why I like Grass Pokemon so much. It started with Bulbasaur, then I realized that I prefer all grass starter Pokemon, and it, well, evolved from there.
Welcome aboard, Ravenclaw! I'm pretty much on the same boat as you are! But this time it was Chikorita that started my love for grass-types. So now, I prefer to have at least one grass-type in my team, no matter the circumstances. :D

Originally Posted by jerichob10 View Post
Omg i have to sign up for this, grass pokemon are the best ^_^

Partner Pokemon: Treeko (Awesome) & Shaymin
Password: Leaf storm
Topic Answer: Well i started with absolutely loving bulbasaur, it was the first starter and my first pokemon ever. Concept art of grass pokemon is always awesome and they are really cute.
And welcome to you too jerichob! You have totally signed up for the greatest club ever! I also love the grass-type art as well, it's so majestic and amazing!