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Originally Posted by Went View Post
Offensive? What? Saying that "outer space doesn't exist" is like saying "Ecuatorial Guinea doesn't exist" ._. People have been there, you know. There is nothing to argue about. That's not offensive. Just wrong.

And your latest posts have been deleted for being too close to trolling. If that's the way your debates go in general, we'd rather be without them. There have been far much richer and interesting ones in the last few pages.
Im not saying that my not believing in space is offensive. My other opinions are apparently. And I probably shouldnt do this but, whatever:

Just because the news says people have been to space doesnt mean they really have. I dont accept things just because people on TV say they are "scientifically proven." I would think that more skeptics would share this opinion but nope. Most just blindly accept what they are told as long as it claims to be proven by science.