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Well to be fair, the sky does look kinda bland...I find it hard to believe that there's something above that swath of black.

But given that I've been on airplanes...

And honestly, even I find it kinda...weird that you believe observation isn't proof enough, though...I don't know.

I...have nothing to offense but that's just dumb, any way you look at it. Ifthere's no outer space, how can planes fly? Where's the "cap" at? 50 miles? And given that we can plainly see that solar storms have effects on us...Why aren't we all burned up by the sun? And if the sun is that small, how is it possible to keep going for generations after generation?


Edit: how can you not believe in science? I can see that given faith has no real "proof", that some people are rightly skeptical of religion.

But science is truth, however you look at it!
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