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    Originally Posted by MrGriszell View Post
    I hope they announce it soon. Ive already finished white 2.
    My question to you guys lets say the remakes were to come out on the 3ds, now we know the the 3ds game card can hold 1-8 gigs of info compared to 8-512 mb, so my question is would you like to see the majority of the space spent on graphics ( such as the 3d effects , enhanced sprites ) or on content ( multiple regions , bigger maps, downloadable content for futher game story)with only slightly enhanced graphics
    I've finished my white 2 and it only took me hours. Know I've completed white tree hollow and all of my pokemon on my team is very close to level 100 so my play through is pretty much over with them. I would like a leveling system close to games like world of Warcraft where you can't get to level 50 as easily as you can in a pokemon game. Or maybe they can just increase the level cap. Basically what I'm saying is I want a much longer story.
    Eh I dont think you're the prime example if it was so quick. I'm at 42hours challenge mode, and have yet to go south of Striaton City, visit the Twist mountain and explore the Clay tunnel, catch 8 more legends, and even start with the black tower or PWT, with 5 pokes @ 70... but of course Im not a prime example either since I scavenge every corner with the dowsing machine, fight every single trainer, make sure everything has useful natures, do every subquest possible etc lol.. not to mention there is also the gimmicky places like musical and pokestar, ranking up the join avenue beating the league another time......sry I mean this game is filled with so much content I really cant see how you are done with it too fast o.o

    The next game will probably not have more content than these two, whatever they may be.
    But yeah, I cant wait for news. Probably not soon as BW2 just hit international releases
    Perhaps towards February (also the time when there should be some surprise reveal for the next movie, which might give us a hint about whats coming.)

    Frankly I don't care what the space is used for, and I don't think they start with that either. The graphics should get any improvements gamefreak sees fit nicely that work, and content-wise its surely much more complex than simply deciding how much there will be without having contemplated first even the basic stuff like plot-peak, how many casual new species, whether the gym system stays the same, what the region should look and feel like... when they get a half-clear picture of the plan, then they probably get around thinking how much additional stuff like battle facilities/postgame quests is needed for it to feel complete..
    Unless it was RS remakes, then its a bit clearer already of course, but still pretty much depends on whether theyre a remake, a reboot, a sequel or whatever approach.