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    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
    So, let me get this straight - you don't believe in observation being a solid basis for belief, and you don't believe scientists because you don't think they're telling the truth, but you refuse to do research on it yourself? And you're Christian, because that's so logical and make so much sense, but don't believe in what you can see?

    Edit: Have you told your science teacher at school this belief?
    I think either scientists are lying or the people on TV are lying. I goto a ****** school and my science teachers just read the text books and give tests. They dont really care about science. And Im not really christian but I believe in God because it makes more sense to do so than not to. I dont think that the white dots in the sky are giant balls of burning gas billions of miles away. It doesnt really make much sense. Ive never had the reasoning for it explained to me because Ive never had a science teacher that was any good. Ive seen Stephen Hawkings Mysteries of the Universe on Netflix and it seemed like a crock.

    And droomph how is science truth any way you look at it when even scientists disagree with each other. Different scientists believe in different theories. And I just havent seen enough proof to believe in solar storms and all that nonsense.