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I'm honestly gonna have to say Digimon here. At first, Pokemon was cool and all, but after a few years it REALLY started to get boring. These days, the only Pokemon games that can actually keep me amused are PMD and, to a lesser extent, Ranger.

When I first discovered Digimon while channel hopping not too long ago, my first reaction was 'Meh. Must be another crappy excuse for a monster anime'. And so, I simply skipped over it. But after actually watching a few eps, I was hooked. After finishing Savers, I watched Tamers and Frontier, and played a few games. In my honest opinion, they were way better than the Pokemon anime, and the games were pretty damn awesome too. And the fact that the Digimon SPOKE made life better. Be honest here, how many of you can understand every word Pikachu says?

The only problems I actually have with Digimon are the fanbase and the first two seasons. I didn't feel the same thing I felt while watching seasons 3, 4 and 5 while watching 1 and 2. But yeah, my vote goes to Digimon. *Dodges tomatoes*