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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
Well, that doesn't give you an excuse to doubt science.

I can see why you don't like your science teachers, but I can't believe you don't believe in science because of that.

I say that you do some research on basic science. It will make sense once you can see what science is. Any way you look at it, outer space is still there.
I can doubt science if I want to. I dont need an excuse. And I understand most basic science. Ive always gotten As on my science tests and never gotten worse than a B in any science class if that counts for anything. And I dont believe it is. At least not in the way its been shown to me.

and no Toujours I dont think I have. Ive asked questions about other things that didnt make sense to me like parts of the Evolution theory but Ive always been scoffed at and ignored. I dont know why I would ask my science teacher anything. I dont think very highly of her opinion.