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    Originally Posted by FrostPheonix View Post
    I can see where you're coming from. But space is just different. What happens to the rockets that go up? Come back down? Cuz if they do, someone would notice and tell the whole world. And yeah, the stars being balls of gas seems weird. But like others said, look through a telescope. How can that be something else? What is the moon? If you consider the stuff that happens, space fits in to other scientific theorems. Solar storms, ok, I don't really bother think about them, but the stars? Existence of space? Think about it. Gravity, for example, is part of space. Maybe Ill try say more later. But thats just what I think.
    i dont have answers to why everything in the sky is how it is. I dont think there is no Outer Space at all I just dont think it is the way we are taught it is. Rockets could easily go up above the clouds and come back down couldnt they? Gravity comes from the earth doesnt it? Arent we all drawn to the earth by its gravitational pull not another planets or a stars? Thank you for not completely ****ting on my beliefs haha.

    Somebody watch Mysteries of the Universe with Steven Hawking on Netflix and tell me all that makes sense. It is very far fetched and alot of it seemed baseless.