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Originally Posted by AChipOffTheOldBrock View Post
Not everyone believes in space. And even if they did, a few hundred years ago everyone believed the world was flat. Just because no one else thinks something doesnt make it untrue. And I dont completely dismiss all science. And who are you to say what the sign of an intelligent educated person is? You put a unnecessary comma after intelligent! :o That doesnt seem like something an intelligent educated person would do. Also, I never claimed to be an intelligent educated person. Maybe Im just a stupid yokel who thinks space doesnt exist because no one ever taught me the "proper" way to think.
First of all, I didn't put an unnecessary comma anywhere. You don't understand grammar if you think I did. That's a list of adjectives, not a phrase. Lists have commas.

Show me three people who have scientific reasons to not believe that outer space exists. You are not included. You have no scientific reasons. If you've done even the most basic research you should have something to back yourself up, yeah? If not, why bother trying to argue this?

Maybe you are. You said it, not me.

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