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Originally Posted by Kruse View Post
Daryl is easily my favorite character. I am rooting for him to survive this. As for the others, I don't really care about them. Carl is just your typical annoying kid, Lori just can't make up her mind, Rick's leadership will seemingly come into question every time he proposes a solution or whatever (although I can sympathize and reason with his decisions; the group just seems too confused to deal with decisions), T-Dog is just..there for the sake of being there, Glenn and Maggie are okay, and I kind of forgot about the others, lol.
*watch out for spoilers

Daryl is my favorite character too! (I'm so glad they created him, as he isn't in the comic) I love how hard he tried to find Sophia in season 2, it made him a really awesome character. I agree with you about Lori and Rick, but Carl is just plain stupid. You don't play around with zombies, they're dangerous for a reason (as Dale soon found out!)

Apparently T-dog will get a ton of character development in season 3, so I'm sure he'll be much more interesting. Glenn rocks, he's my second favorite, I really hope he starts taking charge in season 3. Maggie seems pretty cool, but we don't know a ton about her. Also, I kind of really want Carol to become a super BA zombie killer in season 3. That would be so hilarious/make my life complete.

Okay, just kidding. But seriously, she needs to do more than be helpless. :/
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