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    This is the pokemon game I making based around the concept of "each screen fits a map exactly". Every-time you go onto a new screen that "screen" will be discovered and registered on your map. The world will be around 169 of these maps (including cities). However not all maps will be so dense and many will future multiple paths (You will be able to tackle a few gyms in any order you like).

    However this is the opening area of my game. The top two screens is the village of Vothamos (some things I'm working on still: Customizing the Professors lab, creating or finding some farm tiles and adding a scarecrow). The gateway leads to the town of Ekali

    I'm still working on implementing a few things many because I discovered that RPG maker excepts transparency So I going to figure out how to do some animated transparent water hopefully xD

    Any comments on the map design so far?