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I came here for Pidgey, what is this?!

I've never actually used an Everstone before, mainly because I don't know where to even get them, although I have prevented my Pokemon from evolving, specifically Clefairy (easy since it evolves by a moon stone) and Shroomish, so that they could learn other moves. I never went through with Clefairy though, since I had to get it to a pretty high level to teach it the move I wanted, and it was just really weak all the way through, so I ended up boxing it and never really using it again for the rest of the game. I did make it thrrough with Shroomish though, since it was a bit easier to train considering the moves it learns, although it was a real pain in the behind anyway. So the posibility that I'm going to do it again is pretty low, since I just don't really have the patience to train weaker Pokemon just to get specific moves :p
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