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this feels awkard... I was feeling really nostalgic the other day and went ahead and bought White 2...I just remembered about this club... 2004, literally 8 years since I started this... I no longer feel I am entitled to anything inside the club of course.

I want to thank G-Money for taking over. I work 10 hours a day now. I started the club when I was 16 years old, now that I'm more grown up, lots of things to do, little time to play.

I suppos eI'll try to post here as often as I can, since I work as a programmer and I have access to the internets all day.

Geez, it's so awesome to see some of you guys are still here from the beginning... I feel so unworthy...

I hope I'm allowed back in the club :P

See you around :)

PD: SOOOO much memorie sof this club. Such gooood times. I hate growing up... T_T. Im actually excited and nervous after posting here.
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