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Originally Posted by Stand Alone View Post
The only complaint I have is the location of the like button. Is it possible at all to move it closer to the rest of the post options like the reply button? Having it isolated like that makes it a tad bit unpleasant to the eye, particularly with some of the darker styles (I'm using Dawn of Champions with the Legacy format and it just looks... unpleasant.)

Seems to be working fine though from what I've seen. Gonna give it a test here shortly to see if I have any technical problems. Thanks for all the effort and hard work, Audy.
The problem with that is that Dawn of Champions uses icons for the post options, which would fit well with the Like interface. However, other skins use buttons for the post options, it would look even more unpleasant if they were grouped. Not to mention that the Like are expands when the post is liked, which would clash with the post options in any case...
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