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    Originally Posted by G-Money View Post


    It is such a great honor to get to meet the original shiny hunter!!! The most worthy shiny hunter of all!

    I'm G-Money, and I joined the club back in January of 2011. When I found my first shiny, a Slugma in Emerald (way back in 2006!), I looked it up online to find out what it was, and I discovered your awesome club. Reading the posts in this thread and the quests of all the great hunters inspired me to search for more shinies, and the club really made playing Pokemon fun. I lurked for a while and then joined when I started playing Pokemon again, and the club was nice enough to give me dictatorial power the heirdom of your throne! :cer_laugh: None of this would have happened without you, Aaryn, and I'm really grateful for you making this really awesome club. :)

    Of course, you have complete FOUNDER powers. If you'd like anything (such as the first post), just let me know and it's yours.

    As for me, I haven't really been hunting over the past couple of months because of an incredible amount of schoolwork. I'm really looking forward to getting BW2 in December (or maybe November, whenever I get enough free time) and continuing my hunts.

    Today is a triumphant day for shiny hunting!! AARYN HAS RETURNED!!!! :cer_smile:

    Oh, golly, that was a warm welcome!!

    It's not about what "I'd like" anymore. I'll help and will be glad to do so, like I did when this club started, now you are the one that has to tell me what has to be done.

    I'm going to sleep now (2 am here, and 8:30 am I wake up to go to work, yikes!)

    So I'll log in tomorrow and catch up on the club. I'll post and all that.

    My life has been a roller coaster for the past 5 or 6 years, but now I managed to make it feel like a cool and nice walk in the park, so I hope I'll be back for good.

    See you guys around, and thanks G-Money.

    To the rest that still didn't notice I'm back, please bear with me and don't be mad at me for being gone, I swear I would have stayed if my life would have allowed me to!

    ~>{*Shiny hunters Club*}<~

    Full credits to MetalMario for the card and for the banner!
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