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    I named myself "Tini"... yes, just like that, quotation marks and everything. X//D;

    My rival is named Lemon. A very good friend of mine is nicknamed that, and we're both silly and competitive at times. So I thought it'd be funny to name him that. >w<

    As for my Pokemon's names... my current team is pretty youthful, but it consists of :

    Claym0r3 - He's named after the sword of the same name. Ironically he's Brave nature... thus, minus Speed. And yet he's "Proud of it's power" which indicates there is a high Attack IV present. Claymores are known for being very powerful, but their strike rate is very slow as they are two-handed weapons.
    Awesome call on his name I'd say. <33

    guava - He is named out of complete random. While I was trying to think of a name for him, my friend mentioned something off-topic about guavas.
    And thus... it stuck... :/3;

    RiNEST0NE - She's a random name too. ;//w//; First word to come to mind when I saw her.

    foolsgold★ - ... I kinda thought of how people could mistake it's evolved form's tomb for maybe having a lot of valuables within it ; if the coffin itself wasn't deemed valuable that is. And then I thought, "W-well, they'd be a fool to try to check the casket of a Conhagrigus..." .. and thus, foolsgold was born. .w.