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Originally Posted by Zyzz View Post
Hi guys, i am new here :).

I have read the first post, but i have 10-15 cards which i need to ask you guys what is average value of each card, u dont need to tell me accurate, but i want to have overall vision of my cards value.

I used to collect pokemon cards when i was kid so i have some old holos.

I am wondering how much could cost shining kabutops, raichu, tyranitar, celebi and magicarp (all are shining, but magicarp is a bit different and it's from Neo Revelations)

Same goes for crystal crobat, charizard and holem. (skyridge).

And i have all holo trainer cards, from Brock to Giovanni + 3 Team rocket holo trainer cards (Here comes team rocket, Rocket's sneak attack, The rocket's trap). How much i could ask for them as a collection.

And last one is some Japanise charizard edition, picture of pokemon is non holo, bur rest of card is holo, and on back is not pokemon, but pocket monsters, version of charizard is one with 120hp and 100 damage + pokemon power. Here is how it look's like -> (add www before, as it wont let me post this link since i dont have mroe then 15 posts)

Ty and sorry for asking you for that many cards.
Shining Kabutops: $25 to $30
Shining Raichu: $15 to $20
Shining Tyranitar: $15 to $20
Shining Celebi: $20 to $25
Shining Magikarp: $10 to $15
Crystal Crobat: $25 to $30
Crystal Charizard: $70 to $80
Crystal Golem: $15 to $20

As for the Gym Leader cards, I'd assume $3 to $5 apiece, based on the prices of Brock, Misty, and Giovanni.
The Team Rocket related cards would fetch $2 to $4 apiece.
I'd advise against selling them as a collection.

As for that Charizard, I can't figure out which one that is so I can properly look up completed auctions on the card. The auction description there is too vague and would likely get 6 different Charizard cards with those characteristics if I were to search using those terms.

Originally Posted by F1refly View Post
I've got a few cards that I'm interested in getting a value on:

Holgraphic Absol Card:
70 Hp
Quick Attack - 10+ Damage
Feint Attack

Bottom right corner (not the corner of the card, but the corner on the yellow border) has 16 Shiny bars

Bottom left border corner has a large Blue E with a star next to it.

Above the shiny bars mentioned before is a four pointed star, to the left of that is a small five pointed star and the number 96/95

Kabutops Holographic card:
110 Hp
Poke-BODY Primal Stare
Luring Antenna 20 Damage
Blinding Scythe 60 damage

Has a Star mark in the bottom left corner as well as what looks what might be a cave with a sun rising over it (marking)

Then I've got a First Edition Holgraphic Machamp that came with the 2-Player Started Set from 1998

Also got four Promo cards from the first pokemon movie which are:
Electabuzz 60 HP
Pikachu 50 HP
Mewtwo 70 HP
Dragonite 90 HP

All have got a stamp that says "Kids WB Presents POKEMON The First Movie"

If these are worthless, don't worry about breaking it to me gently, I can take it :)
Absol: $6 to $9.
Kabutops: $2 to $3.
Machamp: $3 to $5.

All 4 of those movie promos are worth $2 to $3. There were and are just too many of them in circulation, really.

Originally Posted by chris1067 View Post
hello :), i have just been looking through my pokemon cards and i have found one unique to my others and im not sure how much it is worth thanks i will post some pictures when i can

itsays it was made in 2004 is 25/112 and has a silver shiny star in the bottom right corner. But do you see it has a shiny symbol on the middle of the card? thats what i was wondering as i have never seen it on a pokemon card before :)
Oh, that Hypno? That symbol used on the background of the card is the set symbol for the ex:FireRed and LeafGreen set. I think it's the special holo version of that card that was only included in certain theme decks. Value for that is $1 to $2 at best. Not worth very much at all.

Originally Posted by Sidestepper View Post
Hey all, I used to be very into collecting pokemon cards, but I fell out of it in the early 2000s. I held on to a single card from my collection. The Imakuni? Trainer card

I can't post a picture since this is my first post, but apparently it's a CoroCoro promo from 1997.

Any idea on it's value?
Uh... my guess is $20, but there's not much to go on in the past 3 months of sales, seeing as it's not a commonly sold card.
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