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    Welcome back, Aaryn!!! It's great to see the founder return! You probably don't remember me. I posted on the first page, but didn't return until spring of last year. I was a lot more active on PC back in 03 and 04. I was a moderator during that time.

    My next stop on B2 is Nimbasa City. I caught all five of N's Pokémon that are in the Desert Resort. From my experience I think they have an encounter rate of 5%. I came across them as frequently as Trapinch, which has an encounter rate of 5%. Darmanitan was the only one that took more than one Great ball to catch. I tried a Quick Ball on him first and then about three Great Balls after his health got below 50%. I think they shine just like a shiny at first. I'm not 100% sure if it's the same animation or not, since it's been over a year since I last encountered a shiny in the wild.

    This week's random hunt is... Aaron! It's a pure coincidence that it's similar to our founder's name. This is what selected.
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