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    Originally Posted by AChipOffTheOldBrock View Post
    And droomph how is science truth any way you look at it when even scientists disagree with each other. Different scientists believe in different theories.
    I just want to take this statement you made here and clarify it for you. Science is truth when it is proven, mathematically, be it through physics, chemistry, biology, etc. Theories may be scientific, and have mathematical solutions that give a possible answer to a given situation. Theories are not proven, therefore scientists can have different theories until proven otherwise or that they are correct. For example, I might be able to say that one scientist believes string theory to be true; that everything is held together by tiny little strings, while another scientist may believe in loop quantum gravity which suggests that space is granular. These are two completely different UNPROVEN theories. Therefore, neither are true, yet neither are false, and both are in research by science.

    You need to understand what is the difference between a theory, something that is yet to be true or false, and what is true. Disbelieving in science is essentially disbelieving in how the universe, or for your closed-minded approach, how the world works. I don't see why you don't grab a telescope and see with your own eyes what might lie up there in the sky, and if you have, I want to hear your explanation of what they may be. Illusions? Angels? Some of God's little creations? Don't get me wrong, I don't think there is no god, I believe in some kind of greater being, but I don't think I believe in the same God that you do.

    I believe that there are far more truths that can be learned through science rather than religion. You claim that science has not been proven because we're being told it through a television on the news by some anchor. Let me ask you, how is your little bible of bizarre stories any different? You like talking, flaming bushes, men who can apparently split water in half and people who can be resurrected, for which there is no proof can be physically done. You are being told that those events happened. We are being given mathematical and scientific explanation for events that we believe occurred.

    EDIT: Furthermore, if your science and math teachers aren't able to explain these things to you, I suggest moving to another school. I feel bad for your education system. Pick up the book Zero by Charles Seife. It might teach you a few things about numbers and science.
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